What is glowyoga?

Youtube and other platforms are great for visibility, but not for income. If there is any pay it is often just pennies per thousand views, with annoying ads. Even subscriptions platforms without ads generally offer insignificant payouts to their content creators.

Glowyoga changes all that.

We reward talent with financial stability. Our payout is simple: 65% of our channel revenue is paid out every month to content creators. Were are real, community focused, and family owned. We are not here to enrich some distant corporate shareholders. We want the majority of revenue to stay with you, the source of the content.

The power of Glowyoga is that we grow strategically together. Every presenter has their own channel, and each channel includes links to the Glowyoga team. So as your colleagues increase traffic to their own content, this naturally increases the general awareness of the entire group including you. This brings new followers and subscribers. Everyone grows together.

Our model is simple. No ads to interrupt your content, and viewers subscribe to individual presenter(s), not universal access. Therefore it is easy to do the math.

An example: 500 subscribers x $20/mo x 65% = $6,500/mo to you. Want to offer a different price? Ok. Set your price anywhere, $10 to $100/mo.

Glowyoga is an exclusive cooperative of just a few world-class presenters, by invitation only. You are reading this because a Glowyoga founder, or a trusted colleague, knows and recommends you highly.

Our system is online now, payment system is in place. Just upload your videos, we take care of the rest. You can be operational today.

glowyoga manages all the server related issues, payment processing, channel analytics, sales tracking for your payment, all the back office stuff. You simply focus on creating great videos and promos.

Your costs:
startup investment – none
monthly fees – none
financial risk – none
hidden costs – none
tech headaches – none

What about exclusivity? Don`t worry. You are totally free to work with any other platform and project as usual. We request that you upload to glowyoga only videos that you own or have rights to.

What about copyrights and music? if you are playing your own music or singing your own songs, that is just fine. However, please be sure you do not have any copyrighted music on your video, no spotify or apple music playlists in the background. 😉

Do I retain control and ownership of my content?
Yes! Glowyoga does not own your content, we simply provide the platform for you to present it.

What happens to my uploaded videos if I cancel my channel?
You can cancel anytime in writing, and after 30 days we simply delete your channel and contents. We do not transfer old files back to you after cancellation, so if you want to preserve your videos, we recommend you keep you own archival copy elsewhere.

Should I post videos also on Youtube and social media sites? Yes! Definitely. This is a great way to increase your visibility, and discover new fans. We suggest you post only short form videos (up to 20 min) that showcase your talent, and be sure to add a link to your glowyoga subscription channel in the youtube description, or instagram caption and profile. Upload exclusively your best, full classes, longer videos for presentation on your glowyoga channel. That added value is the reason your viewers will subscribe to your channel.

Tap the visibility of other big media sites to direct viewers to your paid subscription channel at glowyoga and start earning real income.

Finally, feel the satisfaction of financial security for you and your family while doing the work you love!